When you can help more people and help yourself at the same time everybody wins

There are so many books, courses, podcasts and mentors out there that tells us exactly how to improve our lives and what we should do to grow our business. So why is it working for just a few? Yes, the rest is a mindset you might say. It is AND it is more than that. The rabbit hole is deeper than just the mindset. If you want to know and understand what it is you need to check out this free training from me. I am talking about and actually demonstrating during this free talk that it takes more than a mindset to make a lasting change. 

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If you want to have clarity of how you can get more clients fast without feeling salesy, apply for a session with me.

When you click on the button you will come to a quetionere. You need to answer all the questions befors you send it in. Then I will email you back with a link to my calender. I will send you a zoomlink before our scheduled call with instructions on how you use it. It is super easy.

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18 things you need to know to make the law of attraction work for you every time.

When I hear people talking about “working” with The LAO I sometimes ask them if they “work” with the Law of Gravitation as well. Both of them are working all the time. If you do not get the results you want, there is something within yourself that needs to be changed. Some things are simple to notice and others are not that easily recognized.

In my free gift to you, there are 18 different “laws” that work together. Download them and see what area you need to focus more on to be able to create the life you want.

What people say

Sometimes I write 

What is behind the next corner?

You never know what is hiding behind the next corner. If you think back on life I am sure that you can see many situations where life took a different turn. It might not have felt very significant then. But looking back it was. Life is full of surprises. Why not...

I believe I can

I know I am good enough Except everytime when I don´t. Logically I know that but sometimes my feelings tell me something different. What I often hear from my clients is how they mix doing with being. “Not until I make X amount of money I am not good enough”. “When I...

Simplicity and Ease

Simplicity and Ease We as humans have a tendency to make things more complicated then what they need to be. We overthink and over analyze things. We let fear stop us from doing what we want. I stopped myself many times due to fear. It felt so real but it wasn’t. I...

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