Fear doesn't have to stop you

Welcome to a special session happening on June 20 at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 8 PM CEST! You will experience how fears can be used to our advantage, to help us reach our goals faster and easier.

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Melt Your Fears Away And Let Go of Struggle

I talk a lot about fear, obstacles, and challenges. It is more appealing to hear about joy, thinking positive and happy, happy. But life contains everything.

The reason I talk about fears and obstacles is that when we use them correctly they will open up a goldmine within ourselves. Within that goldmine, we will find everything we ever wanted.

If you don’t believe me, I understand. There was a time in my life when my highest wish was to never be afraid again. Then, I had an experience that was life-changing for me.

I was invited to a party. And when I walked into that room, I got this instant knot in my stomach. I felt like I didn’t belong there and that everyone was further ahead in life than I was. That they were meant to be there, that they were lovable, but something about me was not.

My fears started to speak to me, they told me about all those beliefs I had about myself that I had denied up until then. That I was unworthy, socially awkward, and not good enough.

I sat with those fears until they started to shift, and 20 minutes later all the fears had melted away.

For the first time in years, if not the first time in my lifetime, I felt good about myself, I felt that I belonged and was good enough.

From that experience, I created The Expansion Method and my purpose has been to let other people have the same kind of experience.

I am inviting you to a zoom meeting on June 1st at 11 AM PST 2 PM EST, 9 PM CEST, so you can get a taste of what it is and how it can change.

There will be no selling or access to the recording. You have to be there to experience it. And you need to be on time.

Hi, I’m Evakarin!

One year into starting my coaching business I became a single mother with five children. I had a constant knot in my stomach, worrying for the future. And at the end of every month I was sitting with a pile of bills wondering who’s going to get paid and who’s not.

I totally transformed my life by using this tool to now earn six-figures a year and am now in a loving relationship as well.