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                                 The Freedom Mastery Program

Deliberate manifestation

No matter where you are in life, you have made the choices that got you there. Some of them where consious and most of them where subconsious choices. When you look at it that way you can see that you are an amazing creator. 

You are creating your reality mostly by what programmings you have in your subconsious. If you have low self esteem you will not take big leaps forward to become known in your field. But if you do feel confident you will not hesitate to do that.

So it is all about how you see yourself in regards to the situation you are in. And that is where The Freedom Mastery Program comes in.

You have a power within you that is bigger than we can understand. The reason you are struggling in life is because you are using the power against you. In this program you will learn how to get in contact with it, use it and clear layer upon laýer that holds you back from moving toward your goals.

To many times I have met people that had a dream and gave up on it when they had to much struggle. In this program you will learn how to use any obstacle that comes in your way and turn it into your advantge.

The reactions that you feel in your body when you have a challenge is bringing you information about a limiting belief you have about yourself that is ready to be changed. It is ready to be released. When you release it you will open up for more ease and flow. You will be able to see new opportunities that will move you forward to your goals and your vision.

Bonus 1.

Everyone has a relationship with money and most of us can do with an upgrade on that.  If you have a tendency to spend all your money and not save any. It does not matter how much you have. You will continue to spend what you have.

If you are worried that your money not will be enough, you will keep on worrying even if you will suddenly get a big windfall.

When you upgrade your relationship with money it will be easier to make more and keep more.


Bonus 2

Do you know what your parents and grandparents struggled with? Whether you know it or not, you are carrying some of it without you knowing about it.  

The seven areas we look at are Abuse, Poverty, Betrayal, Addiction, Violence, Illness and Abandonment.

One of my clients had outbursts of anger for big and small things. She could not control herself and it put her in many embarrassing situations. She radiated anger even when she was calm.  She was carrying so many traumas from her ancestors and when that cleared she was free from her uncontrollable outbursts. 


Learn how to love your body.

Your body is the vehicle that takes you from conception to death. We have been programmed by marketers that our bodies should be different. Why not start to embrace it and love it exactly the way it is? Let go of guilt and shame.

You can always make adjustments if you want to but not by abusing it but by adoring it and wanting the best for it.

Is It Your Time Now?

If you want to move forward with more ease and flow you need to decide where you want to go and release yourself from old belief systems that are holding you back. 

The Freedom Mastery Program – a year of Transformation

What you will learn:

The Freedom Based Mindset technique so you can release and transform any limiting belief that shows up.

How to reprogram your subconsious mind easily and effortlessly.

How to create a vision and make it come alive. 



What you can expect

You will break through one belief pattern after the other that holds you back and create new ones that align with your vision. And by doing that, you will be freer, lighter and happier.

It will become so much easier for you to step out, dare to be seen, having easier to connect with people and feel a lot more confident with yourself.