Elevate Your Business by Unlocking Your Potential

This book can change your life. What is in it changed mine big time. Maybe you already know what I am sharing. Even if you do, read it to the end, where I am sharing how to take any challenging situation and turn it into pain-free growth.





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Melt Your Fears Away And Let Go of Struggle

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I am not a native English speaker, so the grammar may be a bit off. The book has not yet gone through the last bit of editing. But I think you still can read it and absorb the infodrmation.


Hi, I’m Evakarin!

One year into starting my coaching business, I became a single mother with five children. I had a constant knot in my stomach, worrying for the future. And at the end of every month, I was sitting with a pile of bills, wondering who would get paid and who would not.

I totally transformed my life by using this tool called The Expansion Method. (TEM for short.) And that is what I want for you. Do you want it?