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Every next level will demand a new you.


Evakarin Wallin is fiercely committed to guiding women who want to find their inner wisdom, follow their hearts and express their true identity so they can stop being their own worst enemy and consciously choose a bigger and better life for themselves and their families.

If you are looking for a proven professional mindset mentor and coach who can guide you to not be stopped by your fear, frustrations or overwhelm that stands in the way of creating your life and business the way you want, you have come to the right place.

With over 16 years of experience of working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success. My mission and commitment are to guide you to teach you how you can take any obstacle you face and transform it into a possibility.

My path to becoming a teacher became clear at an early age. I remember standing in my room all by myself pretending I had a big audience learning from my teaching. I was even speaking English. (I am from Sweden.)

Clients say remarkable things about the impact my work has on their life and business success. Example comments include:

Madeleine Magnusson. I am amazed how transformative and easy it is to use the Freedom Based Mindset process. I use it to transform my own limitations and I use it with my clients. Old issues just evaporate. I am forever grateful for this tool.

Madeleine Magnusson

Benjamas. Evakarin is Swedens answer to Tony Robbins. I am very focused on building my business but I knew I had one thing that held me back. Feeling that I was not a good mother, spending a lot of time at work. Evkakarin helped me see that it was that I was an idea from my own childhood that held me back and I was projecting that onto my children. Today I know I am not only a good mother, I am also a role model for my children. I am showing them to follow their hearts.

Benjams Plumarpun

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite me to serve in the powerful ways that I can support your success.

What lights me up about this work in knowing that by finding peace in your mind you will feel better about who you are. You will be able to trust yourself and that you can achieve the vision you have.

What sets me apart from other service providers is that my works go deep down and create lasting changes. And I also teach you to do the same.

You can feel confident engaging me to guide you to solve these challenges.

I am an author of The Thought Has No Power, Boost Your Business With a Book and a co-author to Time to Rise, Create Your Dream life and Love Unboxed.

A few things about me and my experience that might surprise you – while serving our work together:

  • I have five children and two grandchildren. I love when we all get together and there is a lot of noise, laughter, and love. Having been a single mom for most of the time when they grew up I feel blessed to see what they are growing up into.
  • I enjoy outdoor life in the summertime together with my husband. In the winter I do my best to go 10 000 steps a day.

It would be a pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire so that you can find your inner wisdom, follow your heart and express your authentic you.

Start with downloading the no-cost Freedom Formula – Five Steps to Transform Your Obstacles into Possibilities.